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P25, Type H90/100 Plasma Nitriding System

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Livonia, Michigan
United States


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2005 EltroPulz Model P25, Type H90/100 Plasma Nitriding System
Furnace Capacity: 
 Working Cylinder: 31 1/2" Diameter x 40"
  Working Volume: 18 Cu Ft. 
Max Work Part Weight: 1350 Pounds
Max Treatment Temp: 550 Degree Cent. (1022 Degree's Fahrenheit) 
Voltage: 230, 3 Phase
Current Amperes: 200

Equipped with:
Ingersol Rand Vertical 5 HP Air Compressor
Process Gases, Regulators with Piping & Valves
Vacuum Vessel Base Cooler with hoses

Total Process Hours: 10,000 Hours on the unit

Control & Record: Work piece & furnace temperatures, gas pressure & mixture composition, 
plasma voltage, average current & peak current, pulse duration & repetition rate, program steps
and system error message are controlled and monitored.

Safety Monitor: Independent safety circuits monitor utilities for fail-safe shutdown

Process Programmer: Provisions for 99 programs with 99 steps including 1500 parameters are stored.
Programs can be selected from menu or entered interactively through the keyboard.

Eltropulz systems are furnished complete with all the hardware for connection to utilities at a single point.
Software includes both operating & self diagnostic programs and all heat treating programs for the expected application.
field service, spare parts and ongoing technical support are readily available.